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Welcome to Premier Vineyard Tours! We are a Seattle-based wine tour company specializing in private tours (small groups) to Italy since 2009. Join us on one of our exclusive wine tours and your experience will prove to be both extraordinary & unique!

"A few years ago, I started making trips to Italy with an importer friend of mine. We visited several different wine regions, spending time with the producers and visiting their vineyards. It was such an amazing experience, one that really enhanced my appreciation of Italian wines. All of the wineries we visited were family-owned and many operated by second and third generation vintners. With each visit, I began to understand that wine is a livelihood for the people of Italy, as well as an integral part of their culture. I have always had a fondness for Italian wines, but now that fondness has turned into a passion!"
-Gina Gregory, Co-founder, Premier Vineyard Tours.

So began our concept of offering a unique experience: Premier Vineyard Tours, a wine tour designed to bring the consumer and collector of Italian wines closer to the people who grow and produce it. During the week you are our guests, we will visit six different wineries located in various wine regions. You will get to visit and see how an Italian winery operates from the very small to the grandioso. We want you to experience the full spectrum of what the Italian wine culture has to offer. In addition, there will be a cooking class where you learn how to prepare some local traditional dishes. Our weeklong tours are limited to a maximum of 8 people to ensure that your wine tour is special, exclusive and an unforgettable experience.
Come join us!